ISIS has recently been accused of making female genital mutilation (FGM) compulsory for girls and women under the age of 49. They've denied the claim.

My understanding was that no government has ever made FGM compulsory, and that in some countries where FGM happens there are (poorly enforced) laws against it.

Has any government, ever, made FGM compulsory for a large range of women? By "a large range", I mean that a government mistreating mental patients, or doing Mengele-style "experiments" in concentration camps wouldn't count.


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No, based on Wikipedia's page on prevalence of female genital mutilation by country no government mandates it (currently). There are, however, countries with a very high rate of female genital mutilation / cutting (FGM/C), see the image below based on data by UNICEF: enter image description here Image by Nederlandse Leeuw / CC BY 3.0

For many of the countries on that page , it mentions religion as the main motivator (use CTRL+f and 'religion' on that page). For example:

A majority of Gambian women who underwent FGM/C claimed they did it primarily because religion mandates it.

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