Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi was in the United States in September 2019 to attend a "Howdy Modi" event, where he said the sentence "AAb Ki Baar Trump Sarkar - his time Trump Government".

The opposition Congress party has accused him of violating the time-honoured principles of foreign policy of not interfering in the domestic elections of another country. Congress also said that Modi was supposed to be in the US as Indian Prime minister in US and not as a star campaigner in US elections.

So the questions are: did Modi really violate principles of Indian foreign policy? What does Indian foreign policy say about this? What are the instances where a foreign Prime Minister/President was invited as a star campaigner in the US election campaign in the past?

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It is defiantly condemn-able for a foreign head of state to meddle in another counties local government. Although Modi's call for 'Aab ki baar Trump Sarkar' is the most benign compared to the list mentioned here

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