Apparently the EU has been increasingly conditioning funding of various programs in Africa on African countries stopping would-be immigrants to Europe far away from the actual EU borders. I've also read that the US administration has been doing some of this in Latin America.

Are there some comparative figures for the two (US vs EU), e.g. in the following categories:

  • direct programs sponsored (in poor/third countries) for stopping would-be immigrants, e.g. programs for combating human trafficking,

  • amount of aid conditioned on stopping would-be immigrants,

  • threats of tariffs or other sanctions (I think only the US has resorted to these, but I could be wrong).


I highly doubt the availability of such figures. Even if they are available, i doubt the accuracy of these numbers. Reasons being,

  • This is a sensitive subject. If any such figures are officially released, there would be many questions from the locals of EU on why such funding is made elsewhere. There would be questions on legitimacy on EU's spending. Sure, there are many who are struggling in EU too. They could be supported by these funds. Many do not understand the problem and never see the bigger picture. This could topple the whole region's stability, on which the success of the EU is based on.
  • Spending taxpayers money on someone who isn't related to the EU seems odd. Remember the lies which caused Brexit. What would this news do to the region?
  • How, such news will be perceived in Africa? If they realize EU's money being spent in Africa to keep them away, It will eventually stop down the line and the problems shall return. Someone is not going to spend for them, forever. The necessity to migrate shall grow stronger. Hey, Make hay while the sun shines.
  • EU's balance sheet is huge and the debts of member states are high. How are they going to support their decessions? Are they going to expand their balance sheet further into negative territory for Africa?
  • Request for Free funds will grow from Member states. Non participating members are being funded at free of cost. However, member states aren't supported financially. Political games.
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    Actually, the EU is very transparent about what it uses it's money for. There are detailed statistics about pretty much everything. In this case it's the European Development Fund (EDF). I don't have the time, but you could start digging here ec.europa.eu/europeaid/funding/funding-instruments-programming/… or here europarl.europa.eu/EPRS/… – Morfildur Nov 18 at 8:31
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    As a sidenote: A lot of Germans support such programs, because by making the world in general a better place to live will in the long term help the EU through increased trade, less refugees and such. Building walls hurts both sides in the long term. I don't know about the opinions in other EU countries though. – Morfildur Nov 18 at 8:36

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