Numerous countries have historical flags which, when flown or otherwise celebrated, carry significant contemporary political connotations and are usually interpreted as a sign that the person flying said flag has a particular (usually staunchly conservative/right wing) Weltanschauung. Obvious examples include the Confederate (battle) flag in the United States, the Red Ensign in Canada, the black-white-red tricolour in Germany, and the orange-white-blue flag of South Africa. Left-wing equivalents include the DDR flag in Germany and the hammer-and-sickle in Russia.

I'm curious as to whether the flag of the Habsburg empire has any similar connotations in contemporary Austria, or indeed Hungary. Would most contemporary citizens of Austria interpret a person flying this flag as having a particular viewpoint? Or would it merely be viewed as a curiosity/eccentricity?

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    My guess is that it would not be used in Hungary for irredentist purposes because they have their own coat of arms and flag of the earlier (independent) Kingdom of Hungary. That old coat of arms later appears on the Austro-Hungarian flag, after the Austrian Empire was defeated by the Prussians in 1866, forcing some political changes. – Fizz Oct 31 '19 at 1:17
  • The FPÖ apparently had some weird ideas about recreating the Austrian Empire of sorts, but I see no mention of them using the Habsburg flag (in that article). Apparently Orban's government was sympathetic to FPÖ's proposals. – Fizz Oct 31 '19 at 1:29
  • In parts of southern Poland that used to be part of Austria-Hungary (Galicja), it would most likely be seen as a curiosity. There is some nostalgic feeling about those times, because even though Austria was seen as a foreign occupier, it gave the region considerable autonomy. Moreover, Polish culture could flourish there to a much greater degree than in areas occupied by Prussia and Russia. But I don't think anybody would seriously want to recreate new Austria-Hungary there. – michau Oct 31 '19 at 10:52

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