In the context of the Trump Impeachment Inquiry, Lindsey Graham has repeatedly stated publicly that he is not even going to review the evidence against Trump.

Now, he is a Lawyer himself, which leads me to assume that he is well aware of how far he can go without making himself personally responsible. I would assume that Graham’s denial to even read the transcript, is already part of his strategy to defend himself.

Are there any rules, that would warrant him to read the transcript? Is it an option for him to refuse to read, and then talk about it, under the Fifth Amendment (which I would find inappropriate, considering his own position as a member of the Judiciary Committee)? Or is there any way to get him to make a public statement about this issue based on the position that he holds?

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    I think there's some context missing here. Are you referring to a specific transcript, or speaking in a general sense? – F1Krazy Nov 8 at 13:18
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    @F1Krazy Lindsey Graham has repeatedly stated that he will not even bother to read or review any witness statements or evidence against Trump: thedailybeast.com/… – Shadur Nov 8 at 13:46
  • @F1Krazy Thanks for the hint, I updated my question. – Thomas Hirsch Nov 8 at 16:16
  • Would this question be suitable for law.stackexchange? – Thomas Hirsch Nov 8 at 16:18
  • This question might work better if asked about the general case. For this question, that would be something like: are members of congressional committees required to read all materials in those committees? or Is there a way to compel members of congressional committees to read certain material in their committee?. – JJ for Transparency and Monica Nov 8 at 17:00