The Belfast Agreement specifies that key decisions require cross-community support, and it specifies what this means.

In the Revised Irish Protocol, staying in the protocol arrangement requires a simple majority.

Surely this would need cross-community support that does not appear to be catered for in the protocol?





No. The relevant section of the Good Friday Agreement (Pages 7 and 8 in your linked copy) is Strand 1 (DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS IN NORTHERN IRELAND) Section 5 (SAFEGUARDS):

  1. There will be safeguards to ensure that all sections of the community can participate and work together successfully in the operation of these institutions and that all sections of the community are protected, including:

(a) to (c) skipped

(d) arrangements to ensure key decisions are taken on a cross-community basis;

(i) either parallel consent, i.e. a majority of those members present and voting, including a majority of the unionist and nationalist designations present and voting;

(ii) or a weighted majority (60%) of members present and voting, including at least 40% of each of the nationalist and unionist designations present and voting.

Emphasis mine.

In other words, the requirement within the GFA to ensure that key decisions have cross-community support pertains exclusively to the constitution of Northern Ireland; I.E. the existence, make-up, powers and functioning of the Assembly and the Northern Ireland Executive. It is not a principle that can be extrapolated to apply to whatever issue-of-the-day one side or other dislikes.

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