According to Wikipedia, Ludovic Orban, the current PM of Romania (and who apparently has no relationship with Hungary's Viktor Orban), is of mixed Hungarian and Romanian ethnicity. Does Ludovic Orban speak Hungarian? Fluently?

(I see that Ludovic's brother Leonard Orban was EU Commissioner for multilingualism, so I suspect the answer to whether Ludovic speaks Hungarian is yes, but oddly I cannot find confirmation.)


Indeed it is rather find the list of foreign languages spoken by the current Romanian PM, Ludovic Orban.

This article tells about Ludovic Orban reciting a Hungarian poem before beginning the negotiations with the main Hungarian party in Romania (translated from Romanian):

Ludovic Orban wanted to recite a poem in Hungarian.

The PNL leader later translated with the help of Marko Bela the poem, which provoked the laugh of the UDMR representatives who thought it was "good"

This suggests that his Hungarian is quite rusty.

Another article suggests that he only knows basic Hungarian (translated from Romanian):

He speaks English and French (fluent) and German and Hungarian (basics).

Based on this I would say Ludovic Orban speaks only basic Hungarian.

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