I was reading about how the Indian parliament works, and after reading some articles, a question arose in my mind: why do we need the Rajya Sabha?

We have the Lok Sabha, whose members are directly elected from the people of India, have the mandate to form a government, and have a legislative state assembly for state rules and working. From this, how do the Rajya Sabha benfit the system of democracy?

Why is the tenure of the Rajya Sabha not three years instead of six years? During those 6 years, the party that sits in the Rajya Sabha may not be the same party with the majority in the current state. I am not a student of political science, but if anyone could answer my question, I will be very happy.

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Why do we need the Rajya Sabha?

In the basic term, Rajya Sabha protects the interests of their respective states against the Central government. This can happen when a small state does not represent anybody in Lok Sabha, but is ruled by a local party, now that party can represent all Rajya Sabha members from their state.

Rajya Sabha benfit the system of democracy?

Rajya Sabha does benefit the system of democracy as the elected or nominated members are voted in by the respective MLAs of those states, since MLAs are people represented, it leads to democracy. Also every state gets a fair representation of their people based on population. Although there are 12 members directly nominated by President for their contributions in Art, Literature, Science, and Social services.

For each state representations, you can look up here

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  • Rajya sabha was established by British in year 1914,earlier it named as........., and later in 1954 it reform as rajya sabha. – Jack Rod Dec 9 '19 at 10:37
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