I know that I have made several small contributions over the last year, but only one of those contributions/transactions appears when I look at the FEC individual contributions dataset (found here) for this year.

I see that committees are required to record small contributions

The descriptions for the present reads as follows:

2015 - present: greater than $200

A contribution will be included if:

The contribution’s election cycle-to-date amount is over $200 for contributions to candidate committees

The contribution’s calendar year-to-date amount is over $200 for contributions to political action committees (PACs) and party committees.

There are a couple things I don't understand in that explanation, namely the use of contributions -- is this referring to "a single person's contributions".

I think I'm further confused because of the term "committee" - AFAIK that would mean either being a PAC or individual candidate.

So how come only one of my small contributions show up in the FEC filings?


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