Is there a name for a doctrine that states that a nation state would be better off by allowing minorities, such as the Arabs in Israel, Kurds in Turkey, or Albanians in Macedonia, to actually secede in order to get a sustainable percentage of the majority ethnic group to solidify loyalty to the state/identity?

Mainstream nationalism usually does the opposite, that is, it puts territorial aspirations above homogeneity of population and often seeks to suppress minority nationalism. I am looking whether there is a name for the above described strategy of national unity and maybe some historical examples.

Please note I am looking only for the name, if exists, and not for opinions on moral correctness or political feasibility.


Not sure this wholly fits your request, but the Doctrine of remedial secession seems to be close:

Remedial Secession proponents pinpoint certain institutional practice, States practice and Opinion Juris of the state that reflect the existence of right to remedial secession as lex lata norm.

Quebec is mentioned as an example:

In the Quebec case, the Supreme Court of Canada adopted a conservative construction of “external self-determination” as a right that may be exercised under limited conditions only. Thus, no precedent for a right to secede was established in judicial practice. Though, exceptions to this neutrality may arise from the interplay of the principles of territorial integrity and self-determination.

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