Robert Schütze. European Union Law 2 ed. 2018. p. 206. All emboldenings are mine.

Transcribing everything takes too long, thus I'll transcribe just the gag line. See my red arrow.

108 It is therefore deeply regrettable that, in recent decades, Advocates-General increasingly behave as if they were exclusive functionaries of the case law instead of acting as ambassadors between academia and the Court.

Is the author euphemisizing? What does "exclusive functionaries of the case law" truly mean?

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    I'd guess it's based on them writing "opinions" that say things like "this is the only valid way to interpret this" instead of "here are the relevant precedents", but that's pure speculation. If you don't get a knowledgeable answer here, you might try asking actual lawyers on Law. – Bobson Jan 3 '20 at 15:22

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