Since 1978 I've seen footage of people in Tehran burning American flags, and as far as I can tell each time it's completely destroyed, meaning that they have to get a new American flag to burn each time.

I can't imagine that there would be an America flag store in downtown Tehran, so where are they getting all these flags?

I understand that this might not sounds like a serious question, but it is. Considering that the US is regularly denounced as a "great satan" and the government is strongly influenced by religion, I would expect that US flags and other pro-US paraphernalia would be quite hard to get ones hands on.

enter image description here BBC news screenshot today

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    Why do you assume no shops stocking international flags in such a major city? – Patricia Shanahan Jan 6 at 0:53
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    My guess is that such flags are printed and distributed by some government-controlled Iranian propaganda organization(s), specifically for this purpose, but I can't find any source confirming this or even discussing the matter... They also burn the flag of Israel often, which would probably be even more problematic to possess in Iran otherwise. – Fizz Jan 6 at 1:21
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    Amazon does not ship to Iran but Alibaba does. That's China, the same place where the American flags you see in the US come from. – LuisTavares Jan 6 at 2:57
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    It's just fabric, as easy to make as the clothes they are all wearing, and there's clearly a niche for them to made and sold. You could probably just reword your question to ask if there's any laws against selling/having American paraphernalia, since that would be the only reason having an abundance of American flags would be difficult. – Giter Jan 6 at 3:07
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    I vote to leave this question closed, but for your information I'm from Tehran and as far as I know you could find anything in Tehran including the flags of any country including the US. Israel, or whatever (I had a pant in Iran with the US flag!). Tehran is a big city with more than 15 million people and you should know that in this crazy city you could find lots of bizarre things that is impossible to find in the US, but I can't name them cause it would lead to my account suspension! – Alone Programmer Jan 13 at 3:25

It's kinda funny that after seeing your post, I searched a lot and I finally found the source of those US flags in Iran. Guess what? They are completely produced in Iran just for the purpose of burning! Read it here. Crazy right? I mean, I'm an Iranian and it totally freaks me out that Ayatollahs' regime spend tons of money to produce the US flags just for burning but we have lots of other essential issues in Iran that could be solved easily by that money...

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  • I wouldn't take anything written in the Daily Mail too literally, it tends to be quite sensationalist and right wing. Something like the equivalent of what I understand Fox News to be in the US. – DaveyDaveDave Jul 2 at 8:31

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