Trump has recently threatened Iraq with sanctions if they decide to expel US troops.

His statement didn't explicitly say anything about [withdrawing] US aid, which appears to still be ongoing, despite some personnel reductions. As Trump has been said (at least in the impeachment hearings) to be generally skeptical of US foreign aid, I'm curious: has there been a decrease in US aid to Iraq under the Trump administration, compared to the previous administration(s)?

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According to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), funding has decreased under the Trump administration.

Much of this decrease appears to be lowering aid values following a large spike in 2015/2016, and values for 2018/2019 are not fully reported/processed yet so the actual amounts are not yet known.

Select data taken from USAID's page on U.S. Foreign Aid by Country for Iraq:

Year    Amount (dollars)   Notes
2002        1,039,000      Pre-invasion
2003    3,849,469,396      Invasion year
2006    9,674,914,001      Highest value overall
2009    5,694,815,040
2013      445,885,569
2014      414,729,876      Post-invasion low point
2015    1,547,616,372
2016    5,281,583,316      Highest since 2009
2017    3,711,900,430
2018    1,481,722,677      Not fully reported yet*
2019       82,018,707      Not fully reported yet*

Graph of US aid to Iraq, showing high in 2009, low in 2014, rise in 2016

*According to USAID: There is a two year lag for the most recent complete year of data. This lag exists because foreign assistance data collection and reporting is approximately a year-long process from when the fiscal year ends.

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