See also connected question: How anticipated was visit of President of the Czech Senate in Taiwan?

As I am stating there, President of the Czech Senate Jaroslav Kubera was supposed to go on an official state visit to Taiwan this year.

This week (20 January 2020) he suddenly passed away.

Was the death of the Czech President of the Senate a theme in the Taiwanese media?
Do the common citizens of Taiwan know about that?

EDIT (September 2020): The recent events might confuse someone, so I want to clarify: The new president of the Czech Senate (Miloš Vystrčil) fulfilled plans of the late Jaroslav Kubera and actually visited Taiwan. The question remains the same.

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    I sincerely doubt it, as his death does not seem related to Taiwan and in any case his position is a rather unimportant one when it comes to foreign politics, making his visit a very minor affair.
    – SJuan76
    Commented Jan 24, 2020 at 8:09

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The event of death itself might not be a theme immediately in Taiwan. However, the following event and a series of response from China make it a theme until serveral months later in 2020. In the end, lots of people and social media trigger it as a theme. The name "Kubera" somehow represents current news event in Taiwan. REF: news release from Taiwan Government

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