On November 2018, Iranian telecommunication minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi accused Israel of a failed cyberattack on its telecommunications infrastructure using "a new generation of [the] Stuxnet" computer virus . Does the minister have any data or information to back this claim or is it a baseless assumption?

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    looks like a question for skeptics.SE rather than politics, by their very nature such attacks can be claimed to be from any source. It might have or not have actually happened, but nobody cares for truth getting in the way of politics. The base of assumption can be considered to be the the historical original stuxnet attack. in either case an event occurring or not occurring in 2018 has no political effects today, even the last known attack acknowledged by US few weeks ago, is already forgotten and has no bearing on anything. – jimjim Feb 2 at 7:55

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