I was watching Fox News(click here for the video and go to around 4:27) and the female anchor was quoting a voter analysis as below-

It’s very important to pick the candidate who can beat Donald Trump those that say that is the most important, 86% to picking a strong leader ranks high at 82%, those that care about people 67%.

What is the source of this analysis?

I searched google but didn't find anything.


It's from their "Voter Analysis" based on surveys conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, an independent research firm.

Methodology Statement:

The Fox News Voter Analysis, conducted in partnership with the Associated Press, provides a comprehensive look at voting behavior, opinions and preferences as America votes. It is based on surveys of the American electorate conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago. For the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses, the FNVA results are based on interviews with a random sample of registered voters drawn from state voter files. In select states, these probability sample results are supplemented by interviews with self-identified registered voters recruited from nonprobability online panels. The FNVA methodology captures last-minute voter trends, which are of particular importance in the early caucuses and primaries, as well as the sentiments and behavior of early and absentee voters, who are significant on Super Tuesday and other later primaries.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/elections/2020/primary-results/voter-analysis?state=NH

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