I've read a rather strange non-mainstream source. Along with it, I've found this tweet - also about the last Democratic party primary.

If they are not fakes, then it is really interesting - as long as USAID, for example, marks foreign elections with big gap as possibly(but not strictly) non-fair.

The question is:

Does such a gap in polling (if it really exists) only happen the US?

Question does not ask about inner origins of such gaps - seems, that it was found out in another question here. Just want to compare with other countries - western or not - if there are also such gaps, as that article said.


If you have proved sources, that the links above are fakes, please provide it in your answer - it would also answer the question - as long as there would be no more question.

  • Dear downvoters, please, leave your comments.) I think that question is as balanced as possible, without hitting anyone. – user2501323 Mar 17 at 13:53
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    I don't think the links above are fake, I just think they're interpreting the data in the way they want to. There are any number of reasons why one candidate in particular does better in polling than in the actual result. Shy Tory being the most well publicised effect in many different countries. – Jontia Mar 17 at 14:27
  • @Jontia, of course, voting do not equals polling, even USAID handbook specifies it. It is just interesting, are such gaps higher/lower than in other countries. and that's all. – user2501323 Mar 17 at 14:30
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    The first source is a far-left website, with articles that attack Biden and claim "establishment" Democrats are puppets of corporations and that there is a vast conspiracy against Sanders. E.g. "Biden is soaring because the media is beating his drum. Bernie needs to take the nomination on the first ballot or else the super delegates and the DNC will screw him as they did in 2016." They have clear biases that make any analysis of data by them doubtful. – Stormblessed Mar 17 at 14:31
  • @Stormblessed, will be very glad if you provide some good, non-biased data. With letters, filled with pixels of freedom, if you want.) – user2501323 Mar 17 at 14:32

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