According to this article, which presents data from the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute & the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, annual Chinese overseas visits have increased by 1,326% since the turn of the millennium. This would appear to be due at least in part to the large increase in the Chinese middle class in particular, which a McKinsey study predicts will rise to 75% of the population in 2022, from just 4% in 2000.

This middle class has the ability to travel and study around the world - this World Economic Forum article also attributes the rise in Chinese tourism to relaxed travel restrictions by the Chinese authorities. In particular, many Chinese students choose to study in liberal democracies such as the US and the UK.

Given the explosion in the population of this well-travelled middle class, has this led to an increase in demand for political reform? If so, how has this manifested? If not, how can this incongruence be explained objectively?

  • In fact, every answer here would be opinion-based. Maybe even reinforced with appropriate polls. But that would not deny its opinion-basement. Of course, we can enough long speculate about what is logical, and what is not - but would there be an answer? Definitely no Commented Mar 20, 2020 at 11:55
  • While I appreciate the comments, I believe an objective answer is possible with the use of polling data. Other questions here are often answered using polls despite the possible underlying biases of the polling organizations.
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    There are not enough data to answer this question. I reckon that the statistics say that the middle class is growing, but that happens within China where the local cost of life is lower than in developed countries (look for the differences between China GDP nominal and at PPP). So do all those people in the middle class really have the spending power to travel and study abroad? I doubt that, I think they represent more an elite than a significant group of the population. Furthermore it would be the elite which is benefiting from the current situation.
    – FluidCode
    Commented Mar 20, 2020 at 13:10
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