"Because of this there is not always a sitting Deputy Prime Minister. This means that it is up to the Prime Minister to choose whether or not he/she wants to have a deputy. The position was created in 1942 and Clement Attlee was the first Deputy Prime Minister. There has been no Deputy Prime Minister since 2015." - Simple wikipedia

Boris Johnson has just been admitted to hospital due to COVID-19. It feels logical that it should be someone high up within the Conservative party, but I don't know who it would be / what position and a quick search for this didn't yield any results.

  • @Polygnome I guess my question might be more of an addition than a separate question - its essentially the same question though I mention that we have no deputy PM and the developing hospitalisation raises the stakes of it all – Alex Robinson Apr 5 at 22:56

Prime ministers with no deputy often appoint a First Secretary of State.


This is Dominic Raab at the time of writing. He is chairing the cabinet for now. Some prime ministers have both.

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