The US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet increased to a record $6.70 trillion, as at Apr 30 2020 according to its website. I know the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis hit Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, all different nations.

  1. Did the European Central Bank (ECB) spend just as much?

  2. If not, why not?

  3. If it had spent as much as the US Federal Reserve did, could it have swiftly stopped the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis?

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    Why would QE resolve it? – ThisIsNoZaku May 3 at 6:39
  • Please don't edit your questions into new unrelated ones - I've rolled back your edit. Ask a new question instead. See related meta discussion: politics.meta.stackexchange.com/q/4339/28994 – CDJB May 12 at 23:22
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    Question 3 is speculative, questions 1 and 2 should likely be asked separately – divibisan May 13 at 0:43

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