In February 2019, the U.S.A released HIV statistics based on sex:

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Have the WHO or any individual countries released COVID-19 statistics divided on this basis?


The WHO has reported sex-distributed data - in their 89th COVID-19 situation report published on April 13th, they released data on this topic aggregated from the then 747,546 cases reported by member states. Of these documented cases, 95.9% reported information on sex.

Distribution by age and sex of confirmed COVID-19 cases reported to the WHO case-based surveillance system globally to date

A total of 716 570 CRFs (95.9%) reported information on age and sex. The sex ratio (male to female) among the confirmed cases is 1.03:1, and the median age is 51 (interquartile range, IQR: 36-65) years.

For males, the median age is 52 (IQR 37-65) years, and for females 50 (IQR 35-64) years. The sex ratio varies significantly with age in all ranges except 10-19 years. The largest sex ratios (male to female) are observed amongst the 0-9 year (1.16), 60-69 year (1.27:1), and 70-79 year (1.34:1) age groups. Conversely, the lowest sex ratios (i.e. those showing more females than males) are found in the 20-29 year (0.85:1) and 80 years and over (0.78:1) age groups.

When cases reported from the United States, Germany and Italy are excluded, the overall sex ratio changes to 0.95:1 (more females than males amongst the cases), while there remains an excess of males in the 0-9, 60-69 and 70-79 year age groups.

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So the WHO is reporting this data - and as its data comes from case reporting forms (CRFs) submitted by member states, it follows that individual countries are also reporting this data.

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