Recently, Venezuelan police and army forces intercepted a group of invaders, trying to infiltrate into Venezuela on boats.

Bellingcat reveals some details about Guaido's involvement in this: enter image description here , and the fact that Silvercorp company employers work as Trump's bodyguards.

Does this summary of facts provide proof of US involvement? Or it is just "highly likely" facts?

At this moment, Trump officially denies US involvement.

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    Maybe try Skeptics stackexchange? – Thomas Koelle May 6 at 12:17
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    Recently the Pentagon released videos of UFOs captured by their aircrafts. UFOs are round. Trump eats using round dishes therefore Trump is using UFOs to terrorize the population. Your case is this thin. By the way, this looks more like G2 standard modus operandy manufactured drama to blame the US and redirect attention from the current crisis. Playing victim has always been Maduro's card – devconcept May 6 at 12:54
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    My point is that if I buy something in Amazon and the company is shown later to be corrupt you cannot blame me for the actions of the company. Acording to the evidence you provided Trump is a customer of this company, not it's CEO. You are also describing only two possible scenarios in your question both leading to the US been the author of this plot. You need to prove that there is a plot first (and not political games), and then continue to provide evidence on how involved is the US before making your point. – devconcept May 6 at 13:22
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    Because, honestly, that scenario is the less likely to be the truth. First you have one in which Guaido pays money to manufacture oposition, then there is one where the regime knows about this and pays money to ensure this oposition fails, and finally one where Guaido works with Maduro to simulate oposition. The later is less likely but if you think is not possible let me remind you that Guaido political timing is a little odd sometimes and oposition manufacturing to then crush it, is how secret services in socialists countries work. The US would send more people for an operation like this. – devconcept May 6 at 14:05
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    US and also Europe (50 countries) threats Maduro, not Venezuela. Maduro does not represent its people. In Playa Girón the cuban people did not know how bad Castro would be for them and blindly trusted him. Venezuela is a different scenario. My point is than we are not living the guerrilla tactics era anymore and the team that was sent was really small. This basically discards the US as the culprit although for the sake of analisys you have to consider it as one option, is just not the more likely one. – devconcept May 6 at 14:15

Yes some of those involved worked for Trump, but quoting from Bellingcat article you linked...

Goudreau claimed responsibility for the “amphibious raid”, and hinted that other operations were ongoing. [...]

All of this does not mean that Goudreau is part of the Secret Service. Trump famously employs private security for himself and during his rallies, and Silvercorp were likely contracted for this rally in Charlotte. [...]

President Maduro claimed in a televised speech on the night of May 4 that the involvement of U.S. citizens in the plot to overthrow him was evidence that the Trump administration was directly involved in the plan. There have been no public comments on these unfolding events from the U.S. government so far.

Likewise the document you've posted has Goudreau's signature and that of some Venezuelan officials in exile, i.e. opposition to Maduro, but no US government officials' signatures, as far as I can tell. And even that doesn't prove much even with regard to Guaidó, as AP notes:

[Goudreau] provided to Poleo what he said was an 8-page contract signed by Guaidó and two political advisers in Miami in October for $213 million. The alleged “general services” contract doesn’t specify what work his company, Silvercorp USA, was to undertake. [...]

There was no immediate comment from Guaidó on Goudreau’s claim that the two had signed a contract. Previously, Guaidó has said he hadn’t signed any contract for a military incursion.

So yes, US citizens were clearly involved in these events (by their own admission), but insofar that doesn't directly implicate the US government.

On the other hand, Trump has given more direct encouragement/support to Juan Guaidó including recognizing him as Venezuela’s “true and legitimate” leader.

Trump has now officially denied involvement in the Goudreau attempt:

“Whatever it is, we’ll let you know,” Trump told reporters in Washington before departing from the White House to Arizona. “But it has nothing to do with our government.”

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