I saw an article on https://news.gallup.com/poll/225074/conservative-lead-ideology-down-single-digits.aspx that says that 69% of Republicans overall identify as conservative. I am thinking about a small part of the Republican voters which is a big part of the Democratic voters: African Americans or blacks. I want to know what percentage of those who identify and/or lean Republican identify as conservative. I couldn't find anything on it because that is not a sizeable piece of the electorate. Here is how I would guess it breaks down out of the people that answer:

90% conservative, 9% moderate, 1% liberal,

I am just curious

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    How do you define conservative? Or are you just looking for self-identification? – jamesqf May 14 at 16:59
  • Including a numeric guess doesn't seem relevant, at least not without a rationale for each number. – agc May 15 at 6:11

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