I was looking into rural counties in blue states that vote Republican. I found one that stuck out: Eureka County. Its citizens cast almost 85% of their votes for Donald Trump. Is this the reddest county within a state carried by Hillary Clinton? Or is there a redder one still, probably in a midwestern state like Colorado?

Also: if Texas turned blue in 2016 due to massive Hispanic turnout, there would be counties in the >90% range that are in a state that votes Democratic.

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    I would expect counties in Oregon or Washington, as states that have massive urban/rural divides with enough urban populace to be largely blue but eastern regions that are immensely (e.g. Matt Shea) red. (Though looking at e.g. politico.com/2016-election/results/map/president/oregon I don't see anything more than about 80%). – Steven Stadnicki May 20 at 17:12
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    Look at Nevada and Colorado. I found a county called Kiowa in CO with almost 86% Trump votes. Nevada has a massive divide too. – Number File May 20 at 17:18
  • The second question you're asking is hypothetical and probably can't be answered here. – Chipster May 20 at 20:12
  • That wasn't a question. The other one answered because Kiowa was >85% Trump. Claiborne, MS, the opposite (bluest county in a red state) was 86% Clinton and highly African-American. – Number File May 20 at 21:13
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    Why was this question reopened when the OP accepted it as a duplicate? – divibisan May 21 at 18:52

This related question has the counties with greater than 85% of the vote for one candidate. Kiowa County, Colorado went 85.15% for Trump. Clairborne County, Mississippi went 86.45% for Clinton.

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