I am curious about swing voters: voters who are undecided until close to the election and then make their choice based on how they feel. They are also known as floating voters. They have been declining due to partisanship. I have read that 16% of swing voters are liberal while 25% of voters overall were liberal in 2016. Is this a general trend about swing voters tending to be more conservative? (I am talking about federal elections from 2012 to 2018.)

Article: https://www.businessinsider.com/democratic-group-leaked-poll-unfavorable-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-2019-7 -- This shows that swing voters are indeed more conservative.

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    Depends on the year, and how (un)popular the candidates are. – Joe C Jun 24 at 21:51
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    And how energized progressives are. – user32820 Jun 24 at 21:52
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    Progressive candidates do very well in reliably Democratic districts. – Obie 2.0 Jun 24 at 22:12
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    That is true but they win primaries showing they're popular with Dems – user32820 Jun 24 at 22:14
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    I assume you mean "US voters" in this question? If so, you can edit your question to add the the united-states tag. And FWIW, I'd expect any liberal-leaning "floaters" have run screaming from Trump by now, thinning the liberal-leaning "floater" ranks considerably. – Just Me Jun 25 at 0:18

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