I want to know about running as a third party candidate in the House of Representatives. I want to know about the idea of running as a paper candidate for the Libertarian Party to cover voters desire to vote for a Libertarian candidate. The idea is to allow people to vote for a Libertarian House candidate for the purpose of adding a few hundred votes to the Libertarian Party's national vote total and empowering voters.

By the way, the Libertarian Party is literally the third party in national vote totals.

  • my.lp.org/run-for-office Note that there are currently 86 lp candidates running for the House (or Senate.) my.lp.org/2020-candidates/… – Shawn Balestracci Jul 20 '20 at 1:14
  • Note that the "national vote total" for a party is meaningless - nothing is based on it, and it doesn't tell you anything except for the percentage of people who bothered to vote aligned themselves with the party in question. – Bobson Jul 20 '20 at 13:56

The process is simple in principle, at least in my state. (Others may have different requirements.) Register to vote as a Libertarian, find your local Libertarian Party, convince them that you'd like to be a candidate (and that you'd uphold party ideals, which might be the difficult part). Then the party secretary puts your name on the list of candidates, and submits it to the Secretary of State by the deadline. Then you just fill out some paperwork, pay the $300 filing fee, and you're on the ballot.

For your state, you should start by looking up candidate filing requirements on the responsible state office (probably Secretary of State) web site. There also may be deadlines for changing your party registration &c.