I feel like politically engaged Americans are less likely to identify as independent. This is because parties actually sort of stand for something in a way that they didn't so much 30 years ago.

Is that true?

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    I have never been affiliated with a party and I have voted in every election. I do not attend caucus meetings, put signs in my yard or campaign for anyone or anything, but I study issues and candidates carefully. So I am less politically engaged in some ways, but I always vote after careful consideration. I have a number of acquaintances who follow a similar pattern. – DSway Aug 19 at 17:03

Here is a study about this question. In particular it says:

Independents – particularly the 7% of Americans who don’t lean toward a party – are less politically engaged than partisans. In a survey conducted shortly after the November 2018 midterm election, just a third of those who don’t lean toward either party (33%) reported voting. Democratic leaners (48%) and Republican leaners (54%) were considerably more likely to say they voted, though both groups reported lower rates of voting than partisans.

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