GreenHaven Publishing has dozens of current event booklets geared toward high school students. They make great claims that they give both sides of each issue equal voice. I was wondering whether anyone may have experience with the company or if they have viewed some of the material. Basic question: are they as truly unbiased as they claim?

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    There's many kinds of bias, some are unavoidable, like "what's the cover story?". – dandavis Sep 10 at 19:37
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    Would you consider a text that gave equal weight to climate sceptic views "balanced"? What about a text that gave equal weight to white-supremacist views? Or a text that gave equal weight to holocaust revisionist views? Unbiased doesn't mean giving all view points equal weight.... – James K Sep 10 at 20:23
  • It looks like the premises of the question include that something can be "truly unbiased" and this can be determined. – uhoh Sep 12 at 15:55

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