I am conscious of the growing Feminism in our society and one of their striking movements is to abolish gender inequality in women's daily lives such as (Job, Interests...) I comprehended that men and women are going different ways, when it comes to school courses, apprenticeships and job selections due to socioenvironmental and cultural way of thinking, and also due to our occupational system. A main aspect I may want to consider is that a lot of people say women are meant to do Care work and mean are meant for gainful employment. Now my point is how does one have or could create a gender-equatable society, where men and women are engaging equally because that's not going to be an easy task and It's hard for men and companies to change their point of view on such a topic and society has gone far and it's not going to be easy to change today's model?

I'm grateful to any editing to this question. Also I'm very new to political Feminism and I'm also grateful for every correction on my question.


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    This is a rather large question, not really subject to a SE-length answer. VtC. – John Dallman Sep 12 at 20:20
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    Is the OP a time traveller? I certainly have read similar discussions from half a century (and even vaguely remember a few), but (outside of some fundamentalist religions and the like), don't we pretty much have such a society. One where men can become nurses and women engineers, even if many CHOOSE to follow more traditional roles? – jamesqf Sep 12 at 22:22
  • Why is equality of outcome important to a free society? – Mayo Sep 14 at 19:02

You can't outlaw personal feelings. Bigotry, racism etc. are byproducts of inner thought, and you can't outlaw that. But a gender-equitable society is achievable through legal protections we currently already possess. Outlaw forced segregation and forced integration, and legalize freedom of association.

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    Are you saying that removing regulation is the answer (outlawing forced associations) -or- that fairness needs to be force fit on everyone? – acpilot Sep 13 at 21:45

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