For reference this question considers the movie The Core, so if you haven't seen it, please see the linked plot overview for more details, but a brief summary is, the world will end unless the Earth's core can be restarted, which will take lots of money, but must be kept secret to avoid panic.

In the film, they say "15 billion" dollars which is not a lot of money by state standards. Out of curiosity, this asks what mechanisms a liberal democratic government could use if it was "a big" amount of money by state standards. In other words, something you couldn't easily hide in a defense budget, for instance.

In short: how would they accomplish to allot the funding a very large project for that even though the federal budget was (just as today) negotiated in Congress and published to the general public?

For more context, I'm wondering, isn't there some sort of account book where you could discover a 4 trillion dollar hole?

Specifically, how would a liberal democratic government, with a legislative branch, conceal appropriations for such large amounts of funding?

The question is not asking how it could be internally justified, which is straightforward as in: the world must be saved, but in order to save it, a project must run which has to be kept secret (otherwise the world will be severely damaged by panic, riots, economic depression, etc). This question is asking, how it could be implemented to secretly (covertly and maintaining the security classification of the project) get such a large amount of funding and execute the project.

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    Welcome to Politics SE! Every country has its own process for approving appropriations, and so it is impossible to give a specific answer. If you can tag your question with a specific country, then we may be able to discuss the process in that particular country. – Joe C Sep 13 at 9:07
  • OK, thanks! I understand. I was originally asking from a theoretical "hypothetical country" point of view. But the most faithful examples are the "western liberal democratic" countries, I suppose. I didn't want to impose a particular country, since I'm not sure what people's interests are here, but I guess... the UK would be interesting to me, but probably the answer is too easy, so maybe the USA. – The Dosyago Sep 14 at 5:26
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    It might be worth looking at the United States during the cold war era. There were plenty of expensive weapon and intelligence programs which were kept secret. You could rephrase your question to ask how they accomplished to allot the funding for that even though the federal budget was (just as today) negotiated in Congress and published to the general public. – Philipp Sep 14 at 10:06
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    Mabye the World Building stack overflow site would be a better choice for this quesion? – Thomas Koelle Sep 14 at 13:37
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    Easy answer: File it as a classified military project. – Bobson Sep 14 at 16:05