I have recently become interested in the triangle US-Russia-China. For the Chinese-American relationship there are many analyses that provide ostensible patterns of freeze and thaw, such as Lowell Dittmer‘s book China‘s Asia.

I have now started reading on the Russo-American relationship, beginning with Angela Stent‘s The Limits of Partnership. She mentions several post 2000 attempts to reset the relationship, but so far I am unsure whether any of these resulted in relative improvement of the relationship.


Is there any overview of the post-2000 Russia-US relationship highlighting worse and better periods - preferably academic?

From my current perspective (only just starting to learn about this) it seems that everyone mentions the points in time that made the relationship worse, such as:

  • 2008, Georgian War
  • 2010s upheavals in the Arab world
  • 2013, Snowden
  • 2014, Crimea annexation

Stent also mentions attempts at resetting the relationship, but I don’t understand (yet) whether any periods of rapprochement/deescalation ever occurred. Except that she clearly mentions a "post-9/11 rapprochement".

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