I read an article in the Washington Post. It talked about how most mostly black neighborhoods voted more Republican in 2016 than 2012. I wanted to do use this method by age instead of race.

I was thinking about looking at age not through exit polls but in a more direct way just like the article did. Because of how families work, we can't crank numbers all the way up to 90 percent like we can do with race. We are looking at the percentage of under 18 population. The idea is to find precincts that fall entirely in a census tract.

We need some parameters. We will look at precincts in census tracts that are 15 to 36 percent under 18 according to 2010 census data. (If it is more or less, it is out of bounds.) Each precinct will be categorized into seven categories at 3 percentage point intervals.

I want a graph from left 15 to right 36 which shows vote share for Trump (red) and Clinton (blue) following those criteria.

Link for WashPost as example: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/09/25/mostly-black-neighborhoods-voted-more-republican-in-2016-than-in-2012/

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    What exactly are you trying to do here? People under 18 can’t vote, so this is a totally different issue from looking at districts by race. I guess you’re trying to see if places with lots of families or large families act in a certain way? – divibisan Oct 17 at 19:36
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    What we are doing is to see if places with lots of large families vote more Democratic. I expect them to in part because young people favor Democrats more. @divibisan that is exactly what I was thinking. – Number File Oct 17 at 23:18
  • Mapping precincts to census tracts is a lot more involved than that article makes it sound - you need to either find an existing database like the one used in the article - which almost certainly won't be free - or create your own using precinct geospatial data, which is usually only released at state level. Either way, it's quite a substantial amount of work - good luck to anyone who wants to spend their time on this. – CDJB Oct 19 at 11:31

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