If I am correct, the Democratic Party is split into moderate and progressive wings. Moderate Democrats are also called New Democrats.

But in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Democrats#Elected_to_public_office, why are Senator Schumer and Speaker of the House Pelosi not listed there? Thanks.

  • What do you mean NEW democrat? Aren't progressives like Justice Democrats new because their ideas haven't been around and they don't have such long incumbent streaks? – Number File 2 days ago
  • @NumberFile the link in the question makes clear 'New Democracts' hail from the 1980s. – Jontia 2 days ago
  • @Jontia A link to an outside source shouldn't be needed to understand a question. – Joe W 2 days ago
  • This question boils down to "why is a Wikipedia article wrong?" The only responses to that are (a) "Because it's Wikipedia, which is often wrong," and (b) "because you (along with many others) haven't edited it to make it better. It's not really a question about politic, per se, so I've voted to close. – Ted Wrigley 2 days ago
  • Despite the era in which she joined politics, what makes you think Speaker Pelosi is of the more conservative wing of the party? When she was elected speaker, the “Blue Dogs” were her opposition. As Speaker, she needs to be pragmatic and hold her coalition together, and certainly she supports them over Republicans . But based on what do you consider her leanings “New Democrat”? – Damila 2 days ago

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