I'm interested in the export distribution of the state I live in (specifically, it's Israel, but that's not the main point).

Now, there's definitely information about world states' distribution of imports, e.g. nice infographics here, and probably through the OECD, the CIA world factbook, maybe UN bodies etc.

However - there's an aspect of these distributions which I want to correct for. Suppose a certain economy has 2 export products: Wicker baskets and an assembled machine of some kind. The wicker baskets are produced from locally grown cane; but the machine is made from imported parts. Also, the imported parts for one machine cost 90% to import of the machine's export income. Now, if we look at the state exports, and we see 10^9 USD of wicker basket exports and 10^9 of that machine, we might think that the significance of of the two products to the economy - in terms of its external economic relations at least - is comparable. But if we deduct the cost of the imports, we'll notice that actually, the machine industry is much less significant - at best, it adds 10% over the part cost.

Of course the importance of exports depends on many other factors, like where the exports are headed; and perhaps acting as an intermediary enables indirect trade among parties which aren't on friendly terms, etc. But still - I want to be able to see a distribution of "export minus estimated cost of input imports".

Is this kind of data collected or computed? Is it published anywhere? Does it have some specific name or title one could search by?

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