From a report, I gained knowledge that Donald Trump is mostly liked in the African Continent in opposition to other regions like the European Continent! I know under Trump that there is a foreign policy as I've seen Trump's daughter with Kwesi Quartey. What is the reason for such positivity apart from African Nations always supporting the American Dream?

There is one continent where Trump’s image is unscathed – Africa. Not all of Africa, of course. In the Maghreb, from Rabat to Tripoli and Cairo, the Trump administration’s popularity indices are at their lowest. Only 16% of Moroccans and Tunisians see value in Trump’s foreign policies. Overall, with an approval rate of 52%, Africa has a positive image of Trump’s America.

  • Yet he is more popular in Africa than in any other region, according to a 25-nation survey by Pew, a pollster. Some 59% of Nigerians and 56% of Kenyans believe he is a positive influence on world affairs. South Africans are less keen: only 39% express confidence in Mr Trump.

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Note: I am grateful for every help concerning my question and I'm happy if the question is taken down of site is seen as inappropriate for the Politics site!

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  • Yes. There was a proper attribution, @Rick Smith. I commented about Kwesi and Trump's daughter in the question body. You're not the one asking the question, I am! – Gregory Oct 30 '20 at 20:32
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    Did you see the “parade” (his word) they had for him in Nigeria? – gen-ℤ ready to perish Nov 4 '20 at 18:17

The same newspaper in a different article gives some of the reasons why President Trump is popular is Africa. The article mentions some drinkers praising Mr. Trump in a pub in Kenya for standing upto China. Also it says more Kenyans preferred American led world to a China led world. Another reason that those men drinking in the pub said is that Mr. Trump speaks what others think. A truck driver named Willie thinks Mr. Trump is honest.

Religion is a reason according to Global Voices for Mr. Trump's popularity amongst the 48% Christians in Nigeria.

Soon after President Trump made some dirty remarks on African countries (which they found really insulting), US ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks spoke in an interview which was reported by BusinessTech.za. She clarified that it was some misunderstanding and that Mr. Trump is actually supportive with trade and investment and she interpreted it as that it's about obstacles to increasing an incredible relationship with South Africa. She said that she has confidence in President Ramaphosa of South Africa that he can turn the country around and lower the crime rate. According to her, all Mr. Trump did was illustrating the problem areas and perhaps warning signs that those should not interfere.

One reason (which I think) is Mr. Trump repeatedly saying that he has done for the African American community more than anyone (except possibly President Lincoln). It is my opinion. Writers at The Hill agree with me. They have given wonderful reasons.

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    Maybe you should mention the reason in the article you link, which concludes that Trumps embrasure of racist rhetoric has forced a racial reckoning movement that otherwise would have continued to simmer under a more sympathetic president. quote: "The election of Trump and spread of his bigotry [sparked] unintended effects" – Segfault Nov 3 '20 at 14:51
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    I agree mostly with the Nigerian point. I vacated to Nigeria as a Belgian Citizen for three months and I see a lot of Christianity and mega-churches insight. Like on one street in Lagos I saw 10 Churches. I was really amazed, @Wemnog – Gregory Nov 3 '20 at 18:30
  • Thanks, @Wemnog. My vote goes up for you! – Gregory Nov 3 '20 at 18:34

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