I'm referring to https://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/a-violation-of-trust-alberta-doctors-decry-government-vacations-abroad. I know there are exceptions to the Canada U.S. border closure, like back in Sept. 2020 for NHL players in Calgary and Toronto. But I don't think any of these vacations qualify?

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If you know other Canada politicians who side stepped the border closure, just edit this post and add them.

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    While the land border may be closed, the US is not actually closed for most arriving passengers, right? For example, the IATA TravelCentre doesn't list Canada as a restricted origin for travel to the US (when you click on the US on the map in the link).
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    The article itself is focused on "A violation of Trust" not a breach of the law. There doesn't appear to be any suggestion in the article that this travel was illegal, just hypocritical.
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The border closure affects land crossings outside designated categories like commercial freight trucks or exceptional circumstances of some sort (which would not include holidays).

Air travel is still allowed which is gamed in some cases.

A politician going to any of the destinations shown would most likely fly. Especially to Hawaii ;-)

No laws were broken, but considerable cynicism towards rules was displayed. A number of politicians have had to resign, starting with Rod Phillips, Ontario's Finance Minister who flew to St. Barths, which oddly enough, seems to have fireplaces.

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(from my last link:)

Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips resigned on Thursday after returning from a two-week vacation in St. Barts, where he had been since Dec. 13.

Jason Kenney, Alberta's Premier, first only scolded his errant flock, but has now penalized some of them.

This article lists some of the others.


I don't know what mode exactly each person used but where I live there has been nearly constant helicopter traffic from Canada to the local airport. In addition to the flight, the operator of the helicopter service has teamed up with a trucking company to ship vehicles across the border that are dropped at the airport.

Here's an article: https://verticalmag.com/news/great-lakes-helicopter-helps-canadian-snowbirds-fly-south/

Seems like a major loophole to me.

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