The Democratic candidates flipped both of Georgia's Senate seats, previously held by Republicans, in the 2021 runoff elections.

Such a situation where both Senate seats of a state change party in a single election should be rather uncommon since:

  1. both Senate seats have to be up in a single election (meaning that at least one has to be a special election)
  2. both Senate seats have to flip

So, has this happened before? If so, how many times?

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Yes, this has happened five times1.

I modified this list of "double-barrel"2 Senate elections, published by the UVA Center for Politics, to show only the elections where both Senate seats of a state flipped to the opposing party in a single election.


1Includes only elections after 1913 when the Seventeenth Amendment, which established the direct elections of Senators, was passed.

2Occurs when "both a Senate special election and a regularly-scheduled Senate election [are] held on the same day in the same state". (source)

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