Giuliani's voicemail message intended for Senator Tommy Tuberville mentions that Trump wanted to contest ten States, which is a lot more than the States the court cases were about. Which States is Giuliani referring to?


There do not appear to be ten states. Most articles only referenced six states that were potentially going to be contested. From AP News:

some of his Republican allies in Congress plan to formally object to the results, focusing on six battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

Even in Trump's speech right before the certification of the results, he only referenced those 6 states listed above.

It appears that the main purpose of Giuliani's call was, in his words, to "slow [the certification] down ... ideally until the end of tomorrow". Hence, the reference to "10 states" could possibly be off the cuff.

This was also noted by columnist Seth Abramson on Twitter.

  • tweet regarding Trump's speech

    Note that Trump never comes close to the "ten states" that Rudy Giuliani will shortly plead with Sen. Tommy Tuberville to contest.

  • tweet regarding Giuliani's call

    ... Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani calls Sen. Tommy Tuberville to get him to contest *ten* states—including states Trump has never talked about ...

  • There have been wacko maps that show Trump as having won California (what?), so maybe that was one of the ten. – David Hammen Jan 12 at 23:00

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