Why did Riri ( Rihanna) put out a tweet in support of farmers in India ?

Kangana - Bollywood queen - said in response that Rihanna was funded by Khalistan, so she tweeted.

Is this true?

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    I'm afraid that questions about the internal motivations of people are off-topic here. The only person who knows for sure why Rihanna made that tweet is Rihanna herself. – F1Krazy Feb 3 at 17:18
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    Even if we could answer questions about her internal motivations not knowing what was tweeted makes it impossible to answer your question. – Joe W Feb 3 at 17:21
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    Because she supports them? – Azor Ahai -him- Feb 3 at 17:25
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    For questions that amount to "is this published statement true?", you should check out Skeptics. I'm not sure if this question would be on-topic there either, but it's a closer fit than here – divibisan Feb 3 at 17:27
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    @MoziburUllah The question is claiming that Rihanna tweeted about the protests because she was paid to tweet about them, not because she genuinely supports them. Such a claim (backed up by a source) belongs on Skeptics as divibisan suggested, not here. – F1Krazy Feb 3 at 17:31

Rihanna's tweet has been reported by the BBC and is said by them to have angered Modi's government. She's tweeting in support of farmers protests against new pro-corporate farming laws. These protests have swept all over India. There have been violent clashes and some protestors have occupied the red fort and they have camped just outside Delhi's borders. The government has suspended internet service in three regions of Delhi. I think Rihanna's intentions are pretty clear: she supports their protest. Good for her.

In fact, the farmers protests have been ongoing since early December last year and coincided with a call for a general strike. An estimated 250 million people have been out on the streets protesting with images of tractors breaking down police barricades and one protestor has said on live national tv to a reporter, "this is a revolution, sir".

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    It's disputed that these new farming laws are 'pro-corporate'. Depending on how the laws are implemented and how the farmers decide to take advantage of those laws, it could go either way. Though I do agree that if the farmers do manage to successfully utilize these laws to their own advantage and to the disadvantage of ever growing corporate profits, then it won't be long before you see some 'amendments' to these laws introduced, or some new laws altogether put forward. – ouflak Feb 4 at 9:08

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