I am following the special election in New Mexico's 1st district.

I found this from an article here:

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, more than 1,000 Democrats have voted, about 400 Republicans, and around 150 from other parties or no party.

How can I obtain updated information on who voted in this special and by party affiliation if possible?

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Unfortunately, this data doesn't appear to be freely available. It can be purchased from the New Mexico Secretary of State's Office here, in accordance with Section of the New Mexico Administrative Code: VOTER RECORDS REQUESTS:

A. All requesters of voter file data or public service requests shall complete the affidavit of authorization prescribed by the secretary of state.

B. The secretary of state shall develop a uniform fee schedule for data recording media, voter data, voter lists, special voter lists, precinct lists, printed labels, and early and absentee daily voting reports. County clerks may require a deposit for any data requested.
Source - LII

The only other journalistic source that seems to be publishing this information is the Albequerque Journal (May 6th). The author of that article has released updated data from May 10th on his Twitter account.

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