While Communism has a very well known and used symbol (hammer and sickle), Socialism doesn't.
Even though Communism and Socialism are somewhat similar they aren't the same, so why doesn't Socialism have a symbol (or if it does, which could be one).
I also thought that the communist symbol purely derived from the USSR flag and that made me think that also other symbols like these came from flags (like the 3rd Reich for Nationalsocialism), but with Capitalism we can somehow imagine one (even though there isn't any specific in flags eccetera.


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Why would there be. A symbol requires an organisation to design it. The Hammer and Sickle wasn't a communist symbol until adopted by the communist party in Russia.

Political theories, frameworks, or systems don't have an organisation to create a logo, so they don't have one.

Capitalism, democracy, autocracy, monarchy, theocracy, republicanism, none of these have a "symbol" and nor does socialism

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    There is also the question "which socialism?". The word today is used to mean such a massive range of political and economic systems ranging from North Korea to the "Nordic model" (basically capitalism but with higher taxes and better social security). Any symbol is going to become associated with one particular answer to that question rather than the entire spectrum. Jun 19, 2021 at 8:40

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