Here, on the Wayback Machine website, is the controversial directive to the nursing homes from the New York State Department of Health.

It calls itself an "advisory" but it gives very stern orders starting, "No resident shall be denied..." and "NHs are prohibited from...". So what exactly is this document? Is it an advisory, a memo, a directive, a direct order, or something else?

Also, who exactly is it from? I don't see any signature. Is it really from Andrew Cuomo, or is he taking responsibility for it just because it happened on his watch, like the president of United States might be expected to do?

  • What do you mean, is it "really from"? Obviously he didn't write it or have a significant role in the scientific decision-making (we hope) Aug 17 '21 at 16:03
  • The media is saying "AMC directed the nursing homes to accept covid infected people", and AMC himself seemed to accept that( although he claims that the nursing homes were free to not obey his up-to-you-to-follow-or-not advice/directive/guidelines/whatever). No one seems to be disputing that, but as far as I know, only this "advisory" is concrete evidence that he ever did that. "NHs are prohibited..." sounds like something you have to obey. I get your point that he's not a doctor, but I think as Governor he might have the final say on that, having talked to doctors about it. Aug 17 '21 at 23:39
  • Well, yes, that's what I'm asking. The governor is ultimately responsible for the decisions of his agencies. So what do you mean "really from," like it was actually Zucker's bad call and Cuomo just signed off on it? Or Cuomo overrode Zucker? Aug 18 '21 at 2:16
  • I hadn't heard of Zucker. Who is that? Was Cuomo the cause of the decision? Did Cuomo actually tell someone to tell the NHs to do that. Or was it done without consulting with him properly? Would he feel he had to take responsibility anyway, because it happened on his watch, or out of loyalty to whoever really was responsible for the decision to send that "advisory". Does anyone know why anyone would think such thing was a good idea? It's so obviously the worst thing you could do, for the old folks(unless you are that passionately in favor of euthanasia, perhaps) and for your own career. Aug 18 '21 at 6:27
  • The director of the NYS DOH in the document you linked. I think you should revise the queestion Aug 18 '21 at 14:55

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