Back when they had launched their vaccine travel passport in March, China only included its own vaccines in their green list.

I see that Pfizer is still struggling to obtain approval in China for clinical use, but has China approved any Western vaccine for travel purposes, in the meantime?

(A minority of EU countries have approved the Chinese vaccines for travel purposes, after the EU as a whole declined, leaving it up to individual member countries.)

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Yes, they have. While no western are approved for use in China, three are accepted for travel purposes.

As reported by The Washington Post in April:

The Chinese Embassy in Washington said in an online notice late last week that Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine records can be submitted as part of an application for a coronavirus QR “health code” — China’s version of a vaccine passport and a requirement to enter the country.

Previously, China said it would facilitate entry only for those who have received Chinese vaccines, drawing backlash in countries where they aren’t available. No foreign coronavirus vaccine has yet been approved for use within China.


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