Does the term 'Minister of the Crown' apply to ministers of the loyal opposition as well as those who are members of Her Majesty's Government?


No, the members of Her Majesty's loyal opposition are shadow ministers. They don't have a job in government, though they may be members of the Privy council.

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    Thank you for the clarification.
    – Jonathan
    Sep 18 '21 at 11:31
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    Generally the only members of the opposition who will be in the Privy Council are the Leader of the Opposition, and anyone who held a ministerial post in a previous government.
    – Joe C
    Sep 18 '21 at 15:53
  • @JoeC: it seems to be a bit more widespread than that; I count 6 current members of the Shadow Cabinet who have never served in government but are members of the Privy Council. Sep 18 '21 at 16:37
  • Actually, looking at the list, I am seeing a few more senior shadow cabinet ministers appointed than I was expecting.
    – Joe C
    Sep 19 '21 at 6:34

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