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I am looking for a list of famous UK businesses and their leaders/owners who supported Brexit, I only know of Warburtons and Wetherspoons (AFAIK).

No specific criteria other than the above.

I would like to see how are/will they doing/do after Brexit been achieved.


Jim Ratcliff reportedly did/does. And he is/was "ranked by the Sunday Times as Britain’s richest person, with a fortune estimated at £21bn" at least in 2018. Another article dubbed him a "fracking mogul" presumably because of his share in the UK pretrochemical industry. Supposedly he moved to Monaco "for tax purposes" though, in 2020.

Reportedly James Dyson, 4th richest in the UK (2021), also supported Brexit. At least he seems to have made more mediatized statements.


The Guardian ran an article in 2018 on the business owners still backing Brexit at that stage.

These included

  • James Dyson (Dyson)
  • Jim Ratcliffe (Ineos)
  • Helena Morrissey (Legal and General)
  • Anthony Bamford (JCB)
  • Tim Martin (Weatherspoons)
  • Simon Wolfson (Next)

This is fairly obviously not a complete list.

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