I typed "2021 early vote New Jersey statistics" into my search engine. I could not find any relevant results.

Are there publicly available statistics on early voting in the 2021 New Jersey elections?


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Updated answer

Early voting data can now be obtained from individual counties’ boards of elections, or directly from the New Jersey Division of Elections by filing a request under the Open Public Records Act.

Alternatively, the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider University runs a blog which requests this data from the NJ DoE and posts the reports daily.

Old answer

Not yet, but there will be - these will be published daily by the various county boards of elections during the early voting period, which for a general election lasts from the 10th calendar day before the election to the 2nd calendar day before. In the case of the 2021 general elections, this runs from October 23rd-31st.

This was provided for as part of the early voting bill signed into law in March '21:

19:15A-3 Information available to the public

During each early voting period, the county board shall make available to the public a tally of the total number of voters who have cast a ballot at each early voting location during the previous day. The county boards shall prepare an electronic data file listing the names of the individual voters who cast a ballot during the early voting period. This information shall be made available to the public in an electronic format pursuant to rules adopted by the county board and subject to review each year by the Secretary of State. The information shall be updated and made available to the public no later than noon of each day during the early voting period and shall at the same time be provided to the clerk of the county in which early voting is occurring and to the Secretary of State.

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