I was researching NYC's mayoral election. Two districts stand out to me that are entirely within NYC: the 14th and 15th district. I am curious about how the election went in those two districts in particular. The reason I want to know is because I saw some data that suggests that Adams underperformed Biden there, namely the fact that he got only 60% of the vote in Queens and is running behind him by a significant but smaller margin in the Bronx, the two of which entirely contain both congressional districts.

I also want to know about the comptroller results if possible because Republicans tend to do a bit better with mayor results compared to most federal elections in NYC, but not the comptroller.

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    What's the question? Are you just asking for the numeric results? Nov 5, 2021 at 14:53
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    Yes. Numeric results and therefore percentages which can easily be derived from that. Nov 5, 2021 at 14:57

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For the Mayoral election, the election night results were as follows:

CD Adams (DEM) Sliwa (REP) Pepitone (Conservative) Rojas (Socialism & Lib) Prussman (Libertarian) Mateo (Save Our City) Sliwa (Independent) Flores (Humanity United) Stora (Out Lawbreaker) Francis (Empowerment) Write-In
14 40429 22992 746 2112 206 207 781 185 24 265 312
15 40037 6598 468 575 80 171 245 77 11 212 94

And for the Comptroller:

CD Lander (DEM) Carreras (REP) Rodriguez (Conservative) Carreras (Save Our City) Tabacco Jr. (Libertarian/Independent) Write-In
14 41687 17412 5200 379 939 80
15 36106 4618 3133 223 360 35

To collate this data I scraped the results from the election night results from the NYC Board of Elections, as well as the mapping of Assembly Districts/Electoral Districts to Congressional District provided by Daily Kos in their spreadsheet here.

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