According to a Wikipedia article, Nepal has the highest number of public holidays in the world.

With 36 days a year, Nepal is the country with the highest number of public holidays but it observes six working days a week.

Any similar examples? Seems this article is bit old.

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    I assume people don't think this question is a suitable one for Politics. It might fit better on Travel (but don't take my word for that).
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    It seems suitable to me. The designation of national holidays is a political decision and it is legitimate to ask why some have more than others. A brief glance at the Indian holidays would suggest that part of the reason is the number of different religions.
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    Note that the raw number is not the only factor. In some countries, if a public holiday is at the weekend then that’s just tough luck, while in others (e.g. the UK) it will be relocated to the closest week day. So the countries in the first group have fewer holidays in practice than the number you will get just by counting a list of holidays.
    – Mike Scott
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  • @JoeC I am looking for a region/country with more number of holidays.
    – Gary 2
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See this calender of an Indian state called Assam. It has 35 holidays. The state offers 2 days parental holiday as well. Parental holiday and 35 makes it 37. There are also 2 half days, which I am not counting.


India has 2 days restricted holidays provision where if an employee choose may take holiday on any such two days of the year. A Christian can take restricted holiday on 24 December (Christmas Eve), a Hindu may take one on Shivratri and other festivals, a Muslim may take one on Muharram. These holidays are like leaves and are not counted as general leaves (casual, commuted, or earned). These 2 with 37 makes 39.

There is almost always a local holiday in that state, that power lies with the district commissioner. That makes it 40.

So, it gives 35 + 2 (parental) + 2 (restricted) + 1 (local) = 40 days.

  • Hm, and if there are holidays on the 23rd, 25th and 26th (Jan), probably nobody really works on the 24th...
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There are 53 listed public holidays in Malaysia, with the caveat that many of the holidays are at state level. For example 2 Oct is the Sabah Governor's birthday, celebrated only in the state of Sabah. I did not check each individual state to see which has the highest number of holidays.

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