This summer, the U.S. Supreme Court will issue their ruling on a Texas anti-abortion law; if they uphold it then the abortion rights granted by the Roe vs Wade decision will be mostly eliminated. So I'm wondering if this will allow Democrats to perform better in what are currently Republican strongholds, e.g. rural areas.

Currently, both parties have a de facto litmus test on abortion (pro-choice for Democrats, pro-life for Republicans). But if Roe vs. Wade is essentially overturned, then the states will be setting abortion law, so there would be no reason for national-level candidates to have a position on abortion (though it might take a few years to accept this new reality). This could eventually allow Dems to be competitive in currently-Republican areas. And for that matter, maybe allow Republicans to do better in "blue" states.

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    This is asking for a future prediction. Instead ask: "In states where more strict abortion laws have been passed, does this favor Democrats or Republicans in the following election." Jan 14 at 15:49

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