What is the best way to ensure election integrity and make voting as simple as possible ?
(1) To ensure election integrity we must make sure that the vote is cast by the actual voter.
(2) To make the vote as simple as possible must provide a way for every qualified voter to cast their vote regardless of their situation.

If we can simultaneously maximize both of these we might be able to get ten Republicans onboard.

  • I suspect this question is as much a technological one as anything else - and thus outside scope for the site. Jan 13 at 19:26
  • This question is extremely broad and the answer will depend on how the election is taking place.
    – Joe W
    Jan 13 at 19:36
  • 5
    If this question was answerable, then every country in the world would already be doing it. As different countries run elections differently this is a matter of opinion. In particular, using smartphones is a very bad idea for the millions of people who don't have one (out of choice or poverty)
    – James K
    Jan 13 at 19:48
  • 3
    In computer security, one of the first things you learn is to never trust the client device. Here, the smartphone. I barely trust my own phone, I would never trust yours. Personally, I would never cast a vote via my phone.
    – WPNSGuy
    Jan 13 at 21:03
  • 2
    Thumbprint security is regularly hacked and the government doesn't have most peoples thumbprints
    – Joe W
    Jan 13 at 21:26

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